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Hydro Power

The range consists of Pelton, Francis and Turgo turbines (invented by Gilkes in 1919) and includes compact solutions for the 50kW to 100kW market. 

Francis Turbines

HEAD RANGE: up to 400m


The Francis Turbine is one of three options in the Gilkes range.

Gilkes Francis Turbines are available as either horizontal or vertical units. The water enters the spiral, or scroll case, and is directed by a series of moveable guide vanes, or wicket gates, to the turbine runner.

As the water passes through the runner it rotates and the water pressure drops. Water is then discharged through a draft tube into the tailrace. Flow is controlled by opening or closing the guide vanes, using electric or hydraulic actuators, which, are self controlled by either a speed governor, for stand-alone duty, or, PLC control for parallel operation with the distribution grid.

Turgo Impulse Turbines

The Turgo Impulse turbine was developed by Gilkes to be a simple impulse type machine with a higher specific speed than a Pelton. The design therefore allows a larger jet of water to be directed at an angle onto the runner. Covering the boundary between a Pelton and Francis machine, the Turgo turbines prove to deal extremely well with "dirty" water without any detriment to performance.

Pelton Turbines

HEAD RANGE: up to 1000m


The Pelton Wheel maintains a high efficiency over a wide flow range. Whenever possible two or more jets are specified. This increases the high efficiency flow range. Every Gilkes turbine is selected and optimised to your site conditions in order to provide the best annual energy production figures.

Pelton turbines are medium to high head free jet impulse turbines. The jet(s) strike the splitter edge of the double bucket and is turned through an angle of nearly 180% before falling under gravity into the discharge channel or tailrace.

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